Journal Articles

Engineering Democracy: Electoral Rules and Turnout Inequality

Political Studies, (Boyle, B. P. 2020).

Academic Blogposts

Was BBC Question Time Balanced or Biased on Brexit?

with Heinz Brandenburg.

UK in a Changing Europe, (Brandenburg, H. and Boyle, B. P., 2021).

Working Papers

Territorial Variance in the UK’s Refugee Politics and its Consequences: Young Syrian Refugees in England and Scotland

with Gareth Mulvey and Dimitris Skleparis.

Revise and Resubmit at Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space.

When Office is not an Option: Online Policy Profiles in the UK's Final European Election Campaign

with Sebastian Popa and Zoltan Fazekas.

The Evolving Nature of EU Integration: Issue Embedding in Online EP Campaigning

with Sebastian Popa and Zoltan Fazekas.

Brexit: Balance or Bias on BBC Question Time

with Heinz Brandenburg.